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In customer relationship management the biggest challenge is to manage with huge amount of contact information, need based communication, sales incurred and keep a track of the customers communication.

XRMS CRM is an open source CRM business module which is built over LAMP/WAMP (Linux/Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) technologies. It can also use other open source technologies. XRMS CRM can help an organization to excel in customer relationship management. For the service based companies CRM is the key factor to develop business.

  • XRMS is used to integrate and manage sales, service, and
  • It has the enterprise capabilities to become a single system of record for storing activities, files and the data of interaction with customers, employees, partners and prospects

The latest official stable release of XRMS, version 1.99.2, was last updated on July 25, 2006. It contains many Cross-Site Scripting (CSS) vulnerabilities and for this reason should only be used on an intranet with no outside access except perhaps through secure, encrypted VPN tunneling.

It is possible and needed in many cases to customize this tool to meet your business needs. Moreover in this post-recession economic scenario business is becoming more competitive and customer intensive. In such a situation every time you should have a unique CRM tool which will give your services a winning edge.

Description of Components

XRMS is arranged in three major categories:

  • Management of Customer Profiles.
  • Take action on activities. Activity types include Activities, Cases, Opportunities and Campaigns.
  • Generate reports. Reports can be generated by Companies, Opportunities, Cases, Users and Custom.

View some Screen Shots of XRMS CRM below:

Home Page

The Home Page screen contains the following elements:

  • A top bar with the links: Home, Activities, Companies, Contacts, Campaigns, Opportunities, Cases, Files, Reports, Administration, and Preferences.
  • A table with the title Search Results. This allows you to view the list of activities that meet the search criteria specified in the Filter Activities box.
  • A box with the title Filter Activities. You can only view this box if you click Filter Activities in the Search Results table. This box enables you to filter activities based on the given criteria.
  • A sidebar with the elements: Documentation, Opportunities, Open Cases, Files, and Notes.


  • The Activities window provides the ability to search for Activities by Title, Contact, Company, Owner, End/Due Date, Type or Completed.
  • Activities can be sorted by Is Overdue, Title, Type, Contact, Company, Owner, Scheduled or Due.
  • Activities can be independent of Companies / Contacts or associated with Companies / Contacts, Opportunities or Cases.


The Companies window provides the ability to:

  • Search for a company based on variety of search options; Name, Code, Owner, Category, Industry, CRM Status, City, State. The search results are displayed in the same window.
  • Add new company
  • Easy access to Recently Viewed companies. The resulting search list can be sorted by Company Name, Code, Owner, Industry CRM Status, Rating.


The Contacts window provides the ability to:

  • Search by Last Name, First Names, Title, Company, Code, Description, Category, Owner.
  • The resulting search can be sorted by Name, Company, Code, Title, Description, Owner.
  • Recently viewed Contacts are also displayed in this windows.


The Campaign window provides the ability to:

  • Add new campaigns.
  • Search for existing campaigns by Campaign Name. Type, Owner, Category, Media, Status.
  • Recently viewed campaigns are also displayed.


The Opportunities window provides the ability to:

  • Search by Opportunity Name, Company, Owner, Category, Status.
  • Export the Opportunities into an spreadsheet.
  • Create a mail merge from a template. The templates available are a Blank Template, Customer Service Inquiry, Introduction, Sales Pitch or Thanks for Your Business.
  • Resulting searches can be sorted by Opportunity, Company, Owner, Opportunity Size, Weighted Size, Status, Close Date.
  • Recently viewed Opportunities are also displayed.
  • Opportunities can only be added under the Company window.


With XRMS, you can create several different types of reports. These reports can be for Companies Opportunities Cases Users. Reports can be in the form of graphs or text.

1.Graph Reports are available for:

  • Companies
  • Opportunities
  • Cases

2.Text reports can be created for:

  • Companies
  • Users
  • Customized according to requirements


Team Access:

XRMS CRM instantly connects your entire team through a shared interface. It Provides you and your team with instant access to pertinent information. With its powerful and easy to learn interface, radically reduces the implementation times and cost of staff training.

Team Collaboration: 

XRMS CRM provides a shared view of Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Files Activities and Reporting Tools.It also provides a way for sales teams to easily collaborate and manage sales opportunities and thus helps in maintianing a good customer relationships.

Campaign Tracking:

XRMS CRM allows management and tracking of marketing intitiatives and allows you to measure the performance of your team and marketing efforts.

CRM Customization:

XRMS CRM allows management and tracking of marketing intitiatives and allows you to measure the performance of your team and marketing efforts. Our smart developers at CATT Ltd can understand your need and can design an exclusive XRMS CRM module for a very competitive price.

For more information on XRMS Services, please contact us at infocat@cattechnologies.com