WebSphere Development

CATT Ltd has a team of highly qualified J2EE developers with considerable experience in providing enterprise software solutions based on the IBM

WebSphere product family:

Web Applications. E-Commerce Applications. Portals. B2B Solutions. Mobile Solutions.
CATT Ltd J2EE developers have designed and developed IBM WebSphere enterprise solutions since 2002. Our practical background includes all WebSphere products and extensions used to develop E-Commerce, Portals, Mobile Applications and B2B collaboration systems:

  • WebSphere Application Server (WAS)6.0. 
  • WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation (WBISF). 
  • WebSphere Portal
  • WebSphere Enterprise Process Choreographer. 
  • WebSphere MQ Workflow.
  • WebSphere Transcoding Publisher.
  • DB2 Content Manager.

Our WebSphere developers have experience in Security, Web Services, EJB and the Servlets services of WebSphere. In addition to standard Java EE API, we widely use WebSphere specific features like Common Event Infrastructure, Asynchronous and Startup Beans, and Business Rule Beans.

For more information on Websphere Development Services, please 
contact us at infocat@cattechnologies.com