IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure Management Services

CATT collaborates with its customers to implement smarter IT infrastructure management strategies. Our expertise in remote infrastructure management and operations can reduce overhead costs by over 50%. We offer flexible and SLA driven engagement models. Our rigid compliance to standards, such as ITIL / ITSM / ISO allows us to deliver reliable, stable and measurable SLA based services.

As part of our Infrastructure Services, we optimize the performance of your applications, manage end-to-end implementations and provide customized services to build, manage, and optimize IT infrastructure. CATT ensures the quality of the processes, deliverables of the projects and delivering superior services to clients worldwide.

Server Management

CATT server management service offers reliable, secure and ITIL- compliant support and management services for any type of Unix/Linux and Windows server infrastructure in corporate datacenters. We provide complete outsourcing solution for managing the daily operations of your servers which is reliable, secure and compliant with industry best practices. Our team has professional and certified systems administrators to takeover completely the responsibility of our client's server management and security together with server monitoring. We monitor Server performance on following Metrics:

  • Storage (disk) capacity
  • Memory utilization
  • CPU utilization
  • Service/application availability
  • File system integrity
  • Error log monitoring
  • Application log monitoring

Network Management

Our Network Management services help organizations to manage their network efficiently. We monitor enterprise's network to ensure that all network devices and network links are operating properly. We constantly measure the performance and utilization of network devices to spot obstacles and bottlenecks. We perform proactive network testing to prevent failures before they disrupt the network. And we provide ongoing maintenance for network devices to repair or replace them when they fail.

Our expertise in multiple network technologies and critical network infrastructure helps us to manage LANs, WANs, VPNs, Wireless networks, Virtual networks and converged networks efficiently. We design a network architecture using open standards that meets your business needs for availability, growth and flexibility.

Application Management

CATT technologies offer support services for applications, middleware platforms and technologies. We support organizations in their effort to align IT to business objectives and provide a reliable application management system.

Our Client Application Management services pertain to managing and maintaining the end user application environment, it involves stabilizing, sustaining and growing an application on a sustainable basis that meets the growing needs of the end users.

DataBase Management

CATT distributed and extendable database management architecture boosts overall organizational efficiency by streamlining any number of cross-disciplinary processes rather than a single, vertical process. Enterprise-wide database management is also inherently the first step toward any Knowledge Management initiative.

Our Database Management consulting services focus on delivering immediate improvements to your data center operations. We take into account compliance requirements as well as service level agreements, data protection and information security. Our suite of service includes design, development, deployment and management of data-driven application. Our Database and Storage services provide highly secure, partitioned storage and access of your valuable subscriber information.


CATT Technology Consulting team combines the business strategies and technology to improve process efficiency with reduced costs. We provides solutions to issues using a proven business-focused approach. We define the IT vision, business process, standards and road map that guide organizations to build a high performance IT organization.

Our extensive technical experience and strong strategic knowledge helps organizations achieve high quality IT services and high performance into their applications. The most valuable benefits of consulting come from generating change and leading transformation.

Project Management

Our Project management service works with your business from design through construction to ensure your project runs as efficiently as possible. We have a team of experts that offer end-to-end project management. We design solutions that are secure, cost-effective, and industry-compliant and designed according to client's needs. We can manage and execute the projects simultaneously.

CATT specializes in technology projects and has successfully managed and implemented all types of IT projects including application development, IT infrastructure, information security, technology refresh, and global system replacement projects.

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