XML Web Services

CATT Ltd provides expert services for designing and developing of applications related to XML Web Services. Our team provides assistance to organizations by designing, developing and optimizing their IT infrastructure. Armed with technical expertise in XML, Schema, Dtd XSL, XML and several other design tools, our programmers develop customized XML Web services for clients.

XML Web services are self-contained, self-describing, modular applications that can be published, located, and invoked across the Web. Computer systems and databases may contain data in incompatible formats. Exchange of data between such systems over the Internet is a time-consuming and challenging task. By perfectly combining unique processes, state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled professionals, CATT Ltd XML Web services enables you to perform a wide variety of functions ranging from simple requests to complicated business processes.

CATT Ltd assists global organizations in implementing XML Web services to integrate applications within the enterprise and to extend the reach of their businesses to partners and customers. You can outsource all your XML Web service requirements to us. Our professionals with expertise in competitive technologies such as ASP.Net, C# and Java creates efficient and perfect XML Web solutions to help you in adding value to your business. Our XML Web services enable buisiness models to move from B2C to B2B.

Our developers design XML Web services by using various tools such as:

  • C# 
  • JAVA

Advantages of XML Web Service:

  • Language and platform independence XML Web services can be built on any operating system. 
  • Automatic upgradation: When a web service is updated, the change is effected immediately in all applications using the web service.

CATT Ltd is a premium service provider for XML based projects and solutions. Our XML Web service helps you in the integration of backend applications and key partner applications. By extending your core functionality to partner, you can create new sales channels.

Our Software engineers are committed to the growth of clients and ensure delivery of end product well within the specified time and budget. The policy of 100% transparent business relations with clients has enabled us to build long term relations with many of the leading business firms.

Banking and finance, Insurance, Department Store or Car Rental, whatever be your industry, CATT Ltd XML Web services enable you to integrate applications within the enterprise and to extend the reach of your businesses to partners and customers.

By perfectly blending unique processes and people with expertise in competitive technologies such as ASP.Net, C# and Java, CAT develops XML Web solutions that support increasingly sophisticated business processes.

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