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Our VB developer's experience comprises mostly business Application Development, database application development, Software Development, Custom Web & Software Application Development. All of our VB developers are provided with the best of the hardware and development tools. We can create and convert VB application into a .NET application as we have expertise into both. Contact us for conversion to .NET application.

All our Visual Basic programmers have extensive industry experience and are well-versed in many aspects of Visual Basic development. They are good communicators who have shown consistency in understanding client requirements and in applying their technical, analytical and creative skills to come up with business-oriented solutions not just technological solutions.

When it comes to objective planning, CATT Ltd VB programmers have always displayed excellent entrepreneurial skills and along with their real hands-on programming experience, they’ve impacted many clients’ business bottomline. They’re bright, energetic types who keep the organization growing.

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Lord A Bain

Bain International Trading and Development S A

"Coming to the end of my second week in India overseeing the designs of my new products I can safely say only one word when it comes down to the professionalism, service and customer care that has been hosted to me by CATT Inc and that is IMPRESSIVE, in fact I have to force myself to say two words and they are VERY IMPRESSIVE. One major difference I can say about CATT Inc and other companies that I approached is when I or one of the team think up another user function or functions, instead of pulling out the calculator and working on my invoice they add it as a matter of fact just to improve the quality of the site and the product that they are building for me, apart from the site being something that will be mind-blowing in its design and functionality they want it to be the most successful social networking site in the World and have incorporated the functions and opportunities within it to make it so. In my time as a businessman I have come across many types of companies good and bad but this is the first one I have come across that I can say it is truly excellent. Growing fastest than a mushroom in the woods CATT Inc Technologies Ltd had reserved a much needed desk for me, one of 300 currently in their modern up to date, packed with technology offices in the heart of the city".