Game Development

CATT Ltd provides professional offshore game development services to a global gaming market. We at CATT Ltd deliver high quality game development combining utmost creativity with an analytical approach, be it creative design, game programming, production, character development, or even our own personal testing, our services assure the best in all spheres. We have experience in the development both of plain logical games, which attract the audience with its entertaining puzzles, and highly technological multi-user 3D games. The games from CATT Ltd will be of a truly live interest for your customers!

We individually choose a set of technologies: drawing, scene and personage processing, linear, 2D, and 3D animation. CATT Ltd is inclined to use only the best technologies from each sphere of game design so that your product becomes a real success at the end.

CATT Ltd offers services for the development of the following solutions: 

  • Game platforms (PlayStation, Xbox etc.) 
  • Mobile platforms (palms, smartphones, cell phones) 
  • PC platforms

We develop games for the following platforms: 

  • PC platform (a full scale of Windows or proprietary 3D core) 
  • Mobile platforms (WinCE, BREW, Symbian, and also proprietary 3D development)

3D Technologies for PC and Mobile platforms: 

  • Object-Oriented DesignAnimation:Skeletal Animation, Animation Blending ,Morphing, Keyframe Animation, Facial Animation. 
  • Texturing: Basic, Multi-texturing, Mipmapping, Bumpmapping and Volumetric
  • Lighting: Per-pixel, Per-vertex, Volumetric, Radiosity, Gloss maps ,Lightmapping. 
  • Scene Management: Octrees, Portals, Occlusion Culling,PVS, k-D-trees, LOD .
  • Shaders: Pixel ,Vertex 
  • Terrain: Splatting, CLOD. 
  • Special Effects: Lens Flares, Billboarding, Particle System, Environment Mapping, Depth of Field, Explosion, Decals, Fog, Weather,Motion Blur, Sky, Water, Fire, Mirror .

At CATT Ltd, we follow the following approach in game development:

  • Based on the requirements, our team comes up with an idea for the game play. All ideas and features to be incorporated are clearly listed out. 
  • Once the game play is decided upon, our game designers design the layout and presentation style of the game. Graphic artists create the animations, 3D models etc required for game play. 
  • On the basis of the platform for which the game is being developed, our game developers choose a suitable programming language (like PHP, JAVA & FLASH) and create the game.
  • After completion of the game, it is released for testing where our team of testers conducts extensive testing processes to detect flaws and defects in the games. After successfully passing the testing stage, the game is released to the client.

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