IT Staffing

In a highly technical industry of Information Technology, CATT Ltd is paving the way in Human Resource and Software consulting across the globe. We provide top quality technical and software professionals on a permanent and long-term contractual basis to companies with such needs, meeting their immediate hiring needs and in achieving long-term business goals & objectives.

The advantages of outsourcing all your HR needs to CATT Ltd include:

  • Candidates can be chosen from a vast database of qualified candidates. 
  • Ability to staff one's self-effectively at peak times. 
  • Develop a strict control over staffing costs.
  • Providing a high flexibility in operations.

Process utilized to screen consultants prior submittal:

  • Source the candidates through Head Hunting / Internal Database. 
  • Screen the candidates based on the hiring criteria and job description. 
  • Medical checks if required. 
  • Skill level assessment and proficiency tests if required.
  • Adequate orientation of personnel to minimize culture shock.
  • Skill enhancement programs for selected applicants.
  • Provide Assistance to initial journey to work-site if required. 
  • Replacement within a short time.

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