Pocket PC Development

CATT Ltd automates on-site work product with effective Pocket PC solutions.

  • We automate on-site work product with effective Pocket PC solutions. 
  • We package your Pocket PC software for commercial distribution.
  • We work with all Pocket PC devices including barcode readers.

Our developers and consultants work closely with our customers to define original concepts, create detailed requirements and deliver quality software products for internal use or commercial distribution by utilizing our long-term experience in Pocket PC development.

CATT Ltd has extensive experience in delivering the solutions for Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003, Pocket PC cell phones (smart phones), Palm and blackberry using windows mobile and java technologies.

CATT Ltd offers world-class services and support in the development and maintenance of tools and software applications for Mobile , Handheld and Pocket PC devices.

CATT Ltd developers accumulated solid experience in writing software products to operate with various OS's on Win CE devices. These include: Win CE 2002, Win CE 2003, Win CE 2003 SE (Second Edition), Win CE 2003 PE (Phone Edition), Win CE .Net, Windows Mobile devices, etc.

Profound knowledge of PDA OS structures as well as their difference from PC ones enables CATT Ltd developers to create solid and effective software products. Our developers' special concern is developing a literate, efficient and intuitive interface (which is essential due to PDA specifics).

CATT Ltd experience has been gained not only when developing simple applications. The great majority of products developed included enabling various wired and wireless communication access, namely: IrDA, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

For more information on Pocket PC Development Services, please
contact us at infocat@cattechnologies.com