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CATT Ltd is a leading organization in India who can help you to solve your problem in the area of Customer Relationship Management. We use different open source CRM software and provide you full support to customize and manage it as per your need.

Vtiger is an open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that was absorbed from SugarCRM to establish a fully open source CRM application with compatible functionality to SugarCRM and Salesforce.com. The free edition of Vtiger offers few features; like- reporting, a customer portal and an Outlook plug-in. However the paid version can be customized with many other features along with the free features.

In its most recent version 5.1.0 (current as per July 22, 2009), Vtiger offers all the usual CRM functions:

  • Sales automation (customizable product entries, inventory management, quotations, billing, and trouble ticketing). 
  • Customer support & service functions, including a customer self-service portal 
  • Marketing automation (lead generation, campaign support, knowledge bases) 
  • Analysis and reporting

View some Screen Shots of Vtiger CRM below:

Some Products and their Screen shots of Vtiger:
Calender :

. Events View :

To view the Events scheduled for a particular day user can click on Calendar icon . The user may also have the option to switch to a weekly, monthly or yearly view by clicking the appropriate icon at the top of the daily calendar. He may also switch to a list view or to the calendar of one of your co-workers

. Adding an Event :

To enter the schedule of a meeting or call the user can click the [Add Event] button and select the event type. A pop up window will be displayed where the user can add new event information.

. All Events and ToDos :

To enter the schedule of a meeting or call the user can click the [Add Event] button and select the event type. A pop up window will be displayed where the user can add new event information.

Sales Process :

The Vtiger CRM helps the user to accomplish entire sales process from the first contact with a prospective customer to the after-sales services. Different sales process phases are offered by the Vtiger CRM and explained in the following sections:

. Leads :

Lead are the first phase in establishing a customer relationship. The company may get leads from marketing activities such as trade shows, advertisement or press releases. At this phase no one knows whether this first contact will lead to a business opportunity. Usually or unfortunately, most of the Leads will not generate any business transactions. The Vtiger CRM system considers this by treating Leads different from all other contact information stored in the Vtiger CRM. It is sensible to avoid useless Leads loading the Vtiger CRM system unnecessarily. For this reason Leads are not linked to other account or contact information. Thus using Vtiger CRM user can view the master data of a lead, can Add a new Lead to database , can add further information to the lead as required and can also import or export the list of all leads.

. Potentials :
In the sales process, sales potentials are the logical successors of leads. Therefore, Using Vtiger CRM the user can create a sales potential from a lead and transfer all information available for the lead to the new sales potential. In addition he can create a sales potential directly, he can have detail view of the master data, he can further add information , he can export the list of sales to the computer.
.Quotes :
The CRM system supports in the creation of quotes for potential customers. A quote relies on product and/or service catalog and the appropriate price lists Thus, we can capture the products , services and as well as prices in the Vtiger CRM system before create a quote. For quotes, the Vtiger CRM system considers all type of taxes or discounts which may apply to the offer of products or services. These may include local, state or federal taxes as well as special taxes. These taxes can be calculated individually for each product or service, or calculated for the whole. Before you select products for your quote, you need to decide what tax mode applies to your offer. The Vtiger CRM system supports an Individual and a Group tax mode.
. Sales Order :
Sales orders are the orders you receive from customers. Such orders of goods or services are usually presented as a paper copy received by fax or mail. It makes sense to capture such orders also in the Vtiger CRM. A sales order may differ from your quote and you should have such information available at the Vtiger CRM system.

The User may create a sales order from a previous quote by opening the detail view of the corresponding quote Generate Sales Order. This will automatically transfer the present quote information to the new sales order. The User may also create a new sales, edit the Sales order when ever required.

. Invoices :

The User can use the Vtiger CRM system to create customer invoices manually or automatically from a sales order, manually from a quote, He can send the PDF copy of invoices as an email to customers directly from the invoice detail view.


The Vtiger CRM supports in marketing efforts with a Campaign module. The user can have a list view of the marketing campaigns , he can add individual contacts, leads, potentials or activities to your campaign. Or, he may load existing contact lists or lead lists to the campaign by making the proper selection. These lists must already exists as customized list view in the lead or contact modules , he can also send a mass mailing to selected contacts.


The CRM system offers comfortable possibilities to maintain the valuable customer relationships after sales. Why should we use the support functions?
  • The CRM system offers comfortable possibilities to maintain the valuable customer relationships after sales. Why should we use the support functions?
  • The support functions keep CRM users and customers informed on the status reached in respect to the response to customers messages.
  • Support staff gets a very effective tool to keep track of customer complaints or requirements related to customers or products or both.
  • Sales staff and management can get a quick overview of support activities related to customers or products or both.
  • CRM user or customer get a convenient access to frequently ask questions (FAQ). That can help you
  • company to keep the service requests low and to maintain standard procedures in responding to customers requests.

• Trouble Tickets:

In the CRM terminology, tickets are any kind of customer service requests as they occur after sales.Using Vtiger CRM the user can create a new , he can change the content of a single or multiple tickets at once, delete unwanted tickets, set filter functions for the list view or merge ticket information with templates.

• FAQ'S:

FAQ refer to listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular issue . 
FAQ may be used for instance
  • as a knowledge base to inform your customers about your products, services or procedures, 
  • for your employees to inform on internal business procedures, 
  • for your service staff to discuss procedures for helping customers, and much more.


• Dashboard:

The dashboard gives a graphical representation of sales and service data

• Reports:

The data can be summarize and stored in the CRM by reports. The Vtiger CRM consists of a set of predefined reports available which you can customize as per the needs. Thus provides an overview of customer related activities and draw conclusions on how to improve sales process.

User interaction features of Vtiger CRM include:

  • Integration with corporate E-mail systems (plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird extension) 
  • Support of the Asterisk PBX phone system 
  • Calendaring 
  • Tag cloud functionality
  • RSS feed subscription 
  • PDF document generation via the TCPDF library

We at CATT Ltd have developed expertise in providing customized Vtiger CRM solution exclusively designed for your business needs. We are committed to come up with exclusive Vtiger product for each category; like – inventory management, customer support, marketing automation, reporting etc. Our products will not only help you to reach the highest level of your customer relationship management but also you will get the best product at a competitive price.

We offer different customized services with Vtiger at a competitive price; eg.

  • Vtiger Open Source CRM 
  • Vtiger Feature Development 
  • Vtiget Customization 
  • Vtiger Installation Services 
  • Hire Vtiger CRM Programmer

For more information on Vtiger Services, please contact us at infocat@cattechnologies.com