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Tine 2.0 is an open source CRM assignment, which integrates groupware, CRM and ERP into one system and is very useful for the whole company, from field staff to back office members.

Like other open source CRM modules, Tine 2.0 also has some basic features. The module can be customized according to the business needs. The module

can be customized with:

  • Improved filter options
  • Can be filter by finished projects
  • Can be filter by status
  • Improved PDF export facilities
  • Can generate different reports depending on the type of data
  • Can be migrated to ExtJS based interface
  • Can be migrated to ExtJS based interface

View some Screen Shots of Tine 2.0 Applications:

Tine 2.0 includes a powerful contact manager for sharing and distributing all of your companies contacts with a single application. It's capable to serve multiple addressbooks which could be shared among the business division.


Within the calendar system enterprise resources, such as company cars or meeting rooms, can now be scheduled. These are managed in their own calendars and can be booked directly in combination with appointments.

When creating and moving events, the calendar checks the availability of participants and gives conflict warnings when they are not available. Additionally the possibility to define events as non-blocking has been added.

The calendar events for which the user wants to be informed can now be configured individually. For example, it is possible to only get notifications about invitations and cancellations or time changes of events. Layout and content of the notification messages have been optimized so that relevant changes can be recognized by the user at a glance.

Task Manager:

The Tasks Manager allows to schedule, prioritize and mark tasks with arbitrary states. To handle duties efficiently, task lists could be shared among divisions and coworkers.


The CRM-Lead-Manager is the tool to keep track of your leads and sales opportunities. It poles together your customer, partners and internal staff members together with the tasks, necessary to finalise the concrete sales action.

Similar to address book, calendar and time-tracker, the CRM Lead Manager is now equipped with a preview panel. Details and additional information of selected leads are directly displayed without the need for the leads to be opened. If no lead is selected, the software displays statistics for all the leads of the selected filter in the form of pie charts.

The search and filter functions have been equipped with special filters to find leads of certain products or contact types. These lead filters are part of the general filtering logic of Tine 2.0 and can be used to create storeable dynamic lists.

With the enhanced export functions, leads can now be exported directly into existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Thus, predefined reports, which can be filled with selected data by Tine 2.0, can now be made available for the entire enterprise. The System can automatically send reports to your sales stuff whenever a parameter of a lead changes.

Time Tracking:

Most noteworthy in this upcoming 2009/02 version is the new time tracking module. With this, company wide acquisition of time sheets on a time account basis is now possible. Users and groups could be given access to individual time account with detail access control. In a typical scenario normal users could see and book their own time sheets for the time accounts they have access to.

Project managers can see all time sheets of their time accounts and alter billing information or add notes. When it comes to financial accounting, time sheets could be marked as cleared and connected to a specific bill.


It provides all sales Details like Category , Name of Product , Price of the product, its manufacturer.It Provides the Product Detials as well as Contract details.

As per New survey strategy and results of August beta user survey, the rating and use of Tine 2.0 and its components and Tine 2.0 hit-list are shown in the
table below:

Component Used by % of users Rating (1:excellent - 7:needs improvements)
Tine 2.0 in general 100% 2,56
Addressbook 100% 2,62
Calendar 92%  2,61
Admin 92% 3,13
E-Mail 87% 3,67
Tasks  72% 3,28
Activesync  68% 3,71
CRM  50% 4,08
Timesheets  40%  3,7
Phone      20% 3,8
Sales    20% 5
Classes    17% 4,75
Voipmanager 12% 5

Features of Tine 2.0

  • IMAP webmail client
  • Addressbook
  • Task management
  • Calendar
  • CRM
  • Sales

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