Perl Development

CATT Ltd offers you unbeatable Perl programming. Our skilled programmers have delivered many Perl based web development projects to various clients and have earned invaluable experience. We have a team of trained, professional Perl programmers ready to take on the most difficult challenges and come up with superior results. We can help you discover the raw power of Perl programming!

Perl is one of the most popular and pervasive scripting languages on the Internet today. CATT Ltd has core strengths in writing custom cgi scripts and web applications using Perl. To provide the most worthwhile cgi programming solutions, we often write cgi scripts that transcend off-the-shelf thinking. Although many "pre-packaged" cgi scripts serve some web sites quite well, we find that most companies need a little extra something out of their web applications. That is where CATT Ltd comes in.

Perl is a massively popular open source programming platform that drives web application development. It is an ideal platform for making the best use of programming skills without having to worry about expensive hardware requirements.

Perl's inherent advantages of portability between operating systems and programming platforms and global support from CPAN(Comprehensive Perl Archive Network ) has made it a significant force in critical web application development.

Perl is one of the three powerful web development languages besides Python and PHP. It is derived chiefly from C and Shell. Perl has convincingly established itself as a multi purpose programming language, being used for network programming, GUI development, and system administration. Its major advantages of automatic memory management, built-in text processing and the ability to handle large data sets has made it the preferred language for numerous applications including applications for finance and Bio-Informatics.

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