End User Management

End User Management

CATT has Best-in-Class End User Computing Services that sustain end-user infrastructure planning, migration and deployment. It also enables you to manage your end-user computing environment optimally through remote desktop management support, which increases productivity, minimizes costs, predictable services and Innovation.


Desktop Services (DS) is a expectable, cost-confined approach to completely manage your composite desktop support requirements without costly IT personnel or infrastructure investments. DS provides remote problem resolution to your end users via our corporate service desk, diagnostic triage in situations that require it, and onsite support and repair to users in your or your customer's corporate, remote, and home office environments as needed.

Application packaging

Our Application packaging services helps in creating and automating the deployment of software across multiple computers with a predefined default set of properties and behaviors. Our Application packaging can also help your enterprises manage growing volumes of software for desktop and server systems efficiently. By streamlining software configuration and deployment, application packaging can help reduce application support and management costs.

Patch Management

CATT security management team utilizes a best in class management solution. Our highly experienced team continuously monitors and responds to security issues whenever arises for currently supported operating systems and applications. When security patches or updates are released they are fully tested, repackaged before they get deployed to the production environment.

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