Ipad/Mobile Web Development

CAT Technologies Ltd uses a range of the latest technologies to code our sites with an emphasis on building websites that will continue to look good in the future rather than supporting browsers that are badly in need of retirement.

The mobile web is the fastest growing segment online. This doesn't just mean mobile phones, but tablets, iPads and other mobile devices. Every year hundreds of devices flood the market with different browsers, display capabilities, screen sizes, and keypads. Our team follows a well defined approach in ensuring that the website adapts to the capabilities of the device/browser and is supported on maximum handsets without compromising on the quality of user experience.

Many clients are now realizing that creating Apps for each specific platform is time intensive, slow to update and requires a large initial investment. There is also a time and cost factor which comes with fragmentation (having to maintain multiple versions of the same App). Creating a mobile website or Web App for your business is a cost effective and robust solution that crosses the platform barrier.

On mobile, the WebKit-based browsers are sharply rising towards ubiquity HTML5 being a true cross platform technology for mobile devices, we at Endeavour have therefore consider HTML5 development to have a definite edge and have built significant expertise in the area of basic video playback and building mobile web applications. We make Native looking HTML5 iPhone/Android apps, we build stunning User Interfaces and UX– The next generation of Mobile User Interfaces.

We don't limit ourselves though and strongly believe that technology should be a solution and never be prescriptive. We are doing this and will pick from a large toolkit of skills including: HTML5, XML, XSLT, ARIA, CSS3, JSON, AJAX, XML Schema modeling, Mobile web development/native application development, streaming video and/or use of HTML5 video/audio and website performance tuning.

For more information on iphone/Mobile Development, please contact 
us at infocat@cattechnologies.com