.NET Web Application Development

At CATT Ltd we have well qualified experts to create web applications. We are able to supply trustworthy web application solution to supplement the business ideas. Our specialists use updated technologies to deliver technically complex solutions.


At CATT Ltd we have a leading software development team. We offers wide range of ASP.NET development services like Application Development, Designing and Programming, Migration web based.NET based applications, Support and Enhancement of existing applications in ASP.NET.

Client has access to .NET development team directly during the development process and can extract best skills. We assure 100% quality with our team and also with the proven methodologies.


ASP.NET MVC is a architecture for creating dynamic and scalable web applications. Our Developers are expertise in ASP.NET MVC program to deliver solutions for complex deliverables.

We aim at highly customized ASP.NET MVC development solutions, which will allow the businesses to compete. Our experienced professionals works dedicatedly on each and every task in order to deliver the project in time to the clients.

Razor View Engine

Razor Engine is an view engine that was introduced with MVC3. The idea behind Razor is to provide syntax for HTML generation using a code-focused templating approach, with minimal transition between HTML and code. It produces more readable markup than ASPX. Razor View Engine defines few properties you can view where templates are located.

Angular JS

AngularJS is a great addition to ASP.NET applications. At CATT Ltd we use Visual Studio 2015 and also by AngularJS we can run custom code in real time application. The main difference between angularJS and Java script frameworks is change of tracking is implemented internally. AngularJS is based on MVC pattern which helps in organize the web apps properly and also allows to create own directives.

At CATT Ltd using angular framework, we develop the code that will be more cleaner, maintainable and easy to understand. We provide features such as:

  • E2e Testing Environment
  • Allows to data binding without wrapping the model Objects