Mobile Application Development

CATT Ltd team of mobile application developers with their experience in wireless application development has created a strong track record in the latest phone platform - Windows Mobile. Our mobile development team has very good expertise in developing Windowsapp and Windows Mobile application by using Mobile-supported technologies.


  • Custom Application Development
  • Migration
  • Web Application Development

Windows App

CATT Ltd has a creative team with technological expertise in developing mobile applications on different platforms of the mobile. With the experience in Microsoft technologies the team has the caliber to develop high quality mobile applications for Windows app. Windows application development in India is done by many companies but CATT Ltd is the best in meeting client expectations. Our developers have experience in Windows Mobile and .NET Framework. By their existing skills and knowledge on Visual Studio 2010, XNA Framework they build complex applications for Windows app. They also understand the expectations of users who are using Smartphone and this enables them to build an application with their experience.

  • Migrating applications of Windows Mobile OS
  • Developing Business Application


CATT Ltd have switched to another innovative way to monitor and test a mobile app- Xamarin App development. Xamarin also has extensions for Visual Studio that provide support for the building, deploying, and debugging of apps on a device.

At CATT Ltd Xamarin app developers- build mobile applications using C# language. And also we believe in building mobile apps which are efficient and fun to develop by using the best software development tools available which includes Xamarin Platform.

Hybrid Applications

We are able to combine the power of HTML5 development with the latest mobile device frameworks, such as PhoneGap to create native looking apps for all the major mobile platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. CATT Ltd professionals expertise in hybrid mobile application development is supplied by its extremely experienced development team. Our developers possess proficiency in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and also in leading technologies such as PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile. Our hybrid mobile app developers have a lot of experience in building apps that provide a unique user experience and we create custom hybrid mobile apps that will work across multiple platforms and devices which helps clients to reduce costs.