A web application framework (WAF) is designed to support the development of web applications including web services, web resources and web APIs. Many web frameworks provide libraries for database access, templating frameworks and session management, and they often promote code reuse.


Laravel is open source development framework. This is designed for web application development based on MVC structure. It is one of the most popular clean & classy PHP framework and also allows a creation of web applications with optimum ease. Unit testing is one of the most important and best components of Laravel that identify and rectify regressions before the launch of a product.

CATT Ltd is one of the top Laravel development solutions and services provider company. Our expert Laravel team provides high-end solutions to your business needs and highly capable of structuring meaningful and simple code syntax within a shorter time frame. We also provide perfect web development services using Laravel.

Laravel Development latest features are:

  • MVC Support
  • Handy form builder
  • Session Management
  • Easy bundle use

Laravel Framework Services are:

  • Custom Development
  • Extension Development
  • Multilingual Solution
  • Mobile App Development
  • RESTful App Development
  • SaaS App Development


Codeigniter is open source framework based on PHP to develop websites. We have experienced and dedicated PHP developers who have good technical knack & leverage a power of web development through CodeIgniter Framework development Services. Our significant experienced workforce is firmly serving innumerable secure, scalable Custom CodeIgniter Web Development services

With a PHP framework, CodeIgniter toolkit has marked strong footprints with incredibly rich set of libraries and we are one of the best CodeIgniter applications provider that handle your needs by easily understanding amount of code.

Codeigniter Development Services

  • Fully Customized Codeigniter app.
  • Codeigniter Maintenance
  • Codeigniter Spark development
  • Codeigniter Performance optimization


CakePHP is one of the popular frameworks which uses MVC architecture and used to create attractive websites. Normally a website made in CakePHP needs intensive coding, as there is no such predefined base configured things (like Drupal or WordPress has) is available.

However CakePHP has a great feature like "Baking Console", which helps user to create controllers, models and views basic skeleton. It also has the feature to implement "Helper" classes to create any extra services that can be required on different forms or reports.

At CATT Ltd our developers use CakePHP framework to rapidly develop applications for industries Gaming and IT services. We have talented pool of software developers can develop web-based applications using the latest web technologies which helps reduce your developmental costs.