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Each and every website that CAT Technologies designs is 100% custom-made tailored to your imagination and it is build completely from scratch, and all work is entirely hand-coded. We always get inspired by your thoughts & imagination, not from existing templates.

We address all the latest and up-to-date W3C web standards, starting from web usability, to search engine optimization tactics (SEO, XHTML/CSS) that ensures all web pages will load faster and the design to be cross-browser compatible.

  • All our custom-made websites are visually pleasing as well as user-friendly
  • We validate our code on all popular web browsers to maximize the site's reach
  • SEO related Meta tags, validated code, robot commands, search engine submissions, and other Search Engine Optimization techniques are used to attract more traffic.

We are dedicated to delivering world-class design services to its customers in the most hassle free method. We are here to speed up your imagination into reality so let us help you in creating excellent designs that are fully functional, cross-browser, SEO friendly. You will never again have to look for another design company as we address every detail of your business needs, all at a reasonable and most affordable price.

For more information on Web Development, please contact us at

Creative Direction & Design

- Brand Identification
- UI/UX Design
- Visual Design

Application Development

- Client Side Development
- Server Side Development
- Content Management Systems

Search Engine Optimization

- Link Popularity Building
- Pay Per Click (PPC)
- Online Advertisement (Banner Advertisement)
- Content Writing