Visitors Monitoring System - ( Visitors Photo, Details , Reports etc )


The objective is to develop a software system to monitor and trace the visitors those who are getting in and out of the Organization.

To maintain the details of visitors for further reference and if any consequences occurred in organization, there is need to trace out who is responsible for that.


In an organization when a visitor reports at the guardroom, Visitors photo, details and whom he has to meet are taken and a short message is flashed over network to the concerned official in the concerned dept intimating that there is a visitor.

The official concerned then browses through visitor’s information and would then check for the availability/permission of the officer desired to be visited and subsequently a message permitted or rejected, as is the case is flashed back to the guardroom. If permitted a gate-pass bearing the visitor’s photo is issued.

Visitor’s information is securely stored in database for future reference. Various custom reports can be taken viz. total visitors on a day, visitors for particular dept etc. Temporary passes for specified duration (for any temporary labor or repair personnel etc) can be issued.

  • Maintenance of Visitor’s details is very easy.
Technologies Microsoft Technologies.
Programming languages  C#.Net
Duration 4 months


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