Vehicle Monitoring System


The objective was to develop a hardware and software system to monitor and trace the vehicles moving on roads. Using the GSM\GPRS and GPS Technology, knowing the registered vehicle location by sending an SMS to server. This project is SMS based communication server. It sends request to VMU (Vehicle Monitoring Unit) attached to vehicle. The VMU sends the location and cell area code to the server and server in turn sends location name and area name of that vehicle at that time.


A tracking system was developed so that the vehicles moving on different routes can be identified by sending the request to the Vehicle Monitoring Unit (VMU) which is fixed in the vehicle in the form of an SMS.The GPS receiver attached to the vehicle receives the data from satellites in NMEA format that is stored in hardware device. Whenever user wants to monitor a particular vehicle, he has to send an SMS to the Vehicle Monitoring Unit (VMU) of that vehicle and the VMU sends the location of the vehicle in the form of SMS.

It consists of:
  • Hardware device (consists of mobile unit), Microcontroller (8081) and Modem.
  • Easy to trace the vehicle. And find the vehicle accurately.
Technologies .Net Framework 1.1 and VB6.0
Programming languages  C#.Net
Duration 6 Months


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