TMS Windows Application


The Objective is to develop a windows based product for fulfilling the telemarketing needs. It should also work as crass between a CRM system and a call center system.


TMS is a Windows based application designed for telemarketing and can be used for inbound calls Between 1 and 100 users. Often described as a cross between a CRM system and a call centre system, some clients use it for its advanced scripting, some for its sales order processing and some just like the way it works. The interface is easy to use and uncomplicated. Supervisors can use the monitor screens to track user activity and can control access to databases and functionality. Built-in call recording. It also has Integrated Report Writer to create virtually any report across multiple databases and also includes the CRM-type functions of mail-merge and contact histories. The application also have integration of commidea web service and PayPal integration for payment process, Dynamic reports creation, VoIP sip integration for call handlings.

  • Handles up to 1 to 100 users
  • Allocate call lists to individuals
  • Fast and effective calling
  • Call-backs can be managed manually or automatically.
  • Advanced scripting and surveys
  • Activity monitoring and call recording
Technologies Delphi 5.0, BDS 2006
Programming languages  Delphi 5.0
Databases MS SQL Server, My SQL, Paradox
Duration 1.6 years


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