Telemarketing CRM Software


In Today’s dynamic business environment certain solutions are needed to remove the usual barriers of businesses and thereby systemize their marketing aspects of business processes in a more efficient way. New Software systems were needed to provide businesses with a powerful yet inexpensive CRM system with more innovative features than that available with custom made solutions. Typical need felt for out-of-box sales lead and opportunity management systems with a highly flexible data capture methods that obviously allow new fields to easily create, position and manage.


Many Telemarketing organizations needed specialized systems for their business to grow rapidly. They have initially tried all MS Excel based systems but realized that some unique and specific IT solution need be designed but did not know where to start and thus approached us with the following specifications as described below

  • In need for a web based Telemarketing system that could produce campaigns from end to end
  • Needed well defined campaigns and quick loading of leads
  • Perfect and ease in Monitoring various calls was requested
  • Special emphasis was needed on E-mail marketing campaigns
  • Wanted a system for handling special Marketing campaigns
  • A System needed to handle Telesales, Lead generation, Appointment setting and Fund raising
  • VoIP SIP integration needed for Call handlings
  • Real Time performance monitoring requested
  • Auto dialer with Call Pricing to preview instant contact information needed in the new system
  • Wanted a method to send Notifications as and when E-mails opened
  • Application integration with various Payment Gateway services requested
  • Needed an Integrated Report Writer

After a cautious and staged evaluation, a complete end to end world class hosted CRM has been developed. The system is a full featured CRM in the cloud which is highly configurable to all situations. It has been specially defined as a cross between CRM system and a call center system used by some clients even for Advanced Scripting. The custom CRM and integrated phone system is the backbone of the business and provides with significant competitive advantage. Flexibility of this CRM software system has resulted in more business efficiency for various organizations.

  • A unique Web based telemarketing CRM system designed to handle campaigns from end to end
  • This Telemarketing CRM is a hosted system and runs in the Cloud (Saas). Nothing difficult to set up on servers and simply you can sign up and start work
  • System efficiently integrated to handle quick loading of leads
  • Perfect automation in monitoring various calls provided
  • Marketing and selling by phone using Cloud computing embedded
  • A 3 in 1 in interactive CRM system developed for Lead management, Telemarketing and E-mail marketing
  • Bulk E-mailing functionality will enrich your marketing through generation of hot list from e-mail campaign
  • Unique Appointment setting allows all functionalities at the simple click of a mouse
  • The system is highly customizable to meet your needs
  • VoIP SIP integration works perfectly and all Gateway integrations have been provided
  • Real Time performance monitoring has been developed
  • Auto dialer with Call Pricing to preview instant contact information appended in the new system
  • A very useful way to send Notifications as and when E-mails opened has been integrated
New Software Product Features Include:
  • Best suitable 3 in 1 CRM for Lead management, Telemarketing & E-mail marketing
  • Handles from 1 to 100 users
  • Flexible interfaces, Call centric
  • Amazingly ROI is less than 2 days
  • Special handling for Bulk E-mailing
  • Marketing facilitated by Phone using Cloud Computing
  • Multiple appointment calendars
  • Automatic E-mails Sending & Notifications
  • Unique Scripts & Call Guides
  • Callbacks handling done manually or automatically
  • Powerful dialing & Secure User Access
  • Highly flexible software to suit your requirements for Telemarketing and E-mail Marketing
  • Improves your Telemarketing by 46% over a traditional CRM
  • Improves Outbound Calling efficiency by at least 35% over general CRM
  • You can just sign up the software and start work as it runs “in the Cloud “( SaaS)
  • Improves the overall marketing performance of various entities
  • Ensures Fast, Effective Calling, Appointments and Sales
  • Perfect performance and monitoring
  • Excellent scalability to meet the requirements through Cloud Computing
  • Quick easy and powerful way to make your operations efficient and more profitable
  • Enhanced campaign performance possible
  • with E-mail marketing
  • Ideal data protection functions to best prove the functionalities
  • Valuable information readily available at any point of time
  • Improved Regulatory compliance
  • Reliable, Secure and Affordable for both small & large deployments
  • Less Operator Costs for regular maintenance
Telemarketing CRM Software Nick Named Intelligent &Versatile CRM

This CRM software is a complete solution with fully configurable systems to suit different types of scenarios. Many of our trusted clients have used it and found all the CALL CENTRIC & E-Mail Marketing FEATUERS UNBEATABLE with perfect functionality. There is overwhelming response from all the sectors and all have recorded exceptional telemarketing performance with quick ROI using this solution. After successful implementation of this 3 in 1 system, many clients continued to process high volumes of daily leads and were successful in launching significant campaigns.

Technologies Delphi 5.0, BDS 2006
Programming languages Delphi 5.0
Databases MS SQL Server, My SQL, Paradox
Duration 1.6 years


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