Railways - Ladder Logic Development Tool


The objective is to develop a software system to increase the throughput of the signal engineers. This software will develop MICROLOK II or GENISYS 2000 railway signal system programmatically.


The Ladder Logic Development Tool is a user-friendly multiple document interface program that allows the creation and modification of one or more Application Source Files simultaneously. An Application Source File is a text-based file with a predefined file coding structure specific to MICROLOK II or GENISYS 2000 programming languages.

The Ladder Logic Development Tool creates, opens, modifies, and saves these Application Source Files using the predefined file structure specific to the programming language defined for the Application Source File. The Ladder Logic Development Tool converts language source code from within an Application Source File into graphical form.

This graphical conversion includes Boolean expressions, boards, links, tables, numeric blocks, and coded outputs. Variables representing both physical and logical I/O can be defined within the Ladder Development Tool. Many features within the program guide the user in the creation and/or modification of valid Application Source Files. A valid Application Source File can be successfully compiled using a compiler specifically tailored to the program language of the Application Source File.

Technologies Crystal Report, ADO, BDE
Programming languages  Delphi 2005
Duration 4 months


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