Pharmaceuticals-HR Management System


The primary objective of this system is to maintain employee details of an organization. It provides functionality of submitting resume. It calculates overtime of employees based on login and logout time and prepares attendance sheet. This is mainly useful to the HR people while preparing pay slips of employee. It is helpful to the top management for knowing the leave details of the each and every employee in the organization. The salary slip of the employees will be prepared by analyzing their respective attendance sheets, which shows their In and Out Time. The Login and Log Out time will be registered into the system when the respective employee swipes his ID card into the TTS (Time Tracking system). HR department prepares the attendance sheet as well as salary slip of the employees.


The two tier Client-Server architecture is developed. The server side application will be holding the database consisting of all employee details of an organization.Its basic functionality is to render services for the requests made by the HR.The client side application will be holding the employee design. Its basic functionality is to submit resume. It calculates the login and logout time of the employee.

  • It prepares the attendance sheet.
  • Only authorized users should be able to access the system.
  • This ensure a great deal of security to the system and employees except
  • This ensure a great deal of security to the system and employees exceptadministrator should not be able to change the pay details of the employee.
Technologies Microsoft visual studio 2003
Programming languages  C#.Net
Duration 6 months


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