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Healthcare is important today and with increasing patient demands for better medication there arose a need for good viable Healthcare solutions that could be useful for Nursing Homes. Many countries especially the more developed countries have huge greying population due to increased longevity and are in need for good health facilities. Due to numerous conditions specific Healthcare needs of older population requires major adjustments and various Healthcare strategies are available today and a proper implementation of these would help them have better services. Better Healthcare is possible through application of new and latest technology with new solutions designed for specific purposes. Quality healthcare can be promised through proper channeling of Doctors, patients, nurses especially by employing new Solutions available for management of large Nursing Homes having many branches.


Today’s healthcare needs to be more specific and highly operational and convenient to doctors, patients and all others involved. There were various requirements needed to provide a proper solution towards Nursing Homes and Old Age Homes through the development of new solution. Long term Healthcare consists of variety of conditions, options and support services to be taken care of and for proper management of their Nursing homes and Old Age homes posed some of their needs as follows

  • Wanted a web based solution helpful to handle Main Nursing Homes and branches look up where many branches exist
  • Needed a unique Administrator setup or Role Based model for maintaining security and to allocate user identifications for doctors, nurses, patients etc.,
  • A way to provide Patient Reference for each branch of the organization
  • Maintenance of Patients medical history and unique way to enter Caretaker details needed
  • A useful way to send Notifications and Announcements based on the need and handling of Ambulance Requests to be maintained
  • A System to quickly deal with Patient Registration, Transfer, Freeze/Unfreeze, Re-Admission and other related details entry to be performed with ease
  • Proper way to handle Pre-Admission, Admission and Post admission details
  • Electronic healthcare records maintenance was also one of the major need for many Nursing Homes
  • A manner in which to download all useful day to day documents and use them as templates for further fill up
  • Wanted a Customizable way for quick links and other key information to be seen at one glance
  • Ward listings in a new way to deal more efficiently
  • Beds listing that can be allotted based on the availability
  • Special Medical Assessment methods useful for the Doctor to know the Patients medication details
  • Payments, Billing to be automized to enable to view records easily and maintenance of Invoice on a priority basis
  • All Patient summary reports in a well to read manner needed
  • Audit trial reports to be taken care of

After a careful and cautious evaluation, a complete end to end integrated solution has been designed to meet all the requirements in a very effective way with the Nursing Soft Solution exclusively designed with the following features

  • A unique Web based system designed useful for Nursing homes with branches and Old Age Homes
  • A highly efficient Admin System designed to control all operations and list roles for various functionalities designed
  • A separate Patient Management Schedule to manage their medical history, Nursing assessment, Patient transfer from one branch to another and many other details
  • A well generated Patient Admissions system to check in the Nursing & Assessment, progress records, serious accident history handling was established in the new system
  • A Strict solution designed to display Notifications & Announcements and a special way to Handle Ambulance Requests designed
  • Doctors were enabled to get Patient Report Details with ease through particular Medical Assessment functionalities
  • Electronic Health Record maintenance developed
  • Easy way to handle Ward listings and Bed listings provisioned
  • The system provides in a new way all Treatment Report data in the form of Medical assessment and Medical Reviews
  • Finally the need for Payment Details info and other Billing details maintenance automized
  • A secured Patient Statistics and Patient Movement Status Reports and others generated from time to time based on the need for weekly, monthly or annual basis
  • Based on the Patient Reference number Audit Trial reports can be obtained
New Software Product Features Include
  • Best suitable for Nursing Homes with Branches Maintenance
  • Also Caters to Old Age Homes HealthCare Management
  • Custom User Interfaces
  • Dynamic Query Wizards
  • Perfect Notifications & Announcements
  • Ambulance Request Process
  • Two level Secured and Detailed Payment System
  • Reports Available in many Format for Download
  • Improves the overall Nursing homes and Old Age Homes performance
  • Excellent scalability to meet the requirements of the needy patients
  • Reduced medical errors and increased resident and patient care
  • Enhanced communication and information exchange between different entities like Doctors, Patients, Physicians, Care takers, Pharmacies and others
  • Comprehensive monitoring helps to provide better healthcare services
  • Ideal data protection functions to best prove the functionalities
  • Daily Reports proved highly useful for overall patient care taking
  • Valuable information readily available at any point of time
  • Complete ease for Patient tracking system to arrange for entire quicker appointments schedules for the needy
  • Increased Patient Response due to Ease of Connectivity
  • Proper implementation of Ambulance services at a quicker pace based on the need
  • Improved Regulatory compliance
  • Less Operator Costs for regular maintenance
  • Cheap and most useful solution for handling Doctor and Patient data efficiently
  • Perfect Automation proved Patient Convenience and better report maintenance
  • Improved Nursing Homes efficiency and satisfaction of aged lot

Overall the Solution is less expensive, easier and faster to implement especially to handle Nursing Home branches. Perfect automation and ease of usage made this Solution a Viable one for Nursing Homes and especially Old Age Homes.

Many Nursing Homes and Old Age Homes are using the Solution and found it highly responsive with perfect automation. All the sources using the solution have expressed their extreme satisfaction as the solution proved to be giving good results as it covers every aspect of the requirements posed.

Technologies Visual Studio 2008
Programming Languages C#.NET, ASP.NET, LINQ, Ajax, JavaScript, XML, ADO.Net
Database SQL SERVER 2008
Duration 9 Months


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