McLaren CAR WASH - Online Application


Mc Laren Car Wash is a Software where the customer as well as the Admin can know the status of the Car Service. When a Car is given by a Customer for Service the details like Operator, type of Service it has to be perform and pickup time are entered, So Based on the Pickup time Car owner can know the status of his car.

The Business Challenge:

As the Business demands, client wants to computerize their daily manual activities like: Daily Statistics, Weekly, monthly & yearly financial results.
The current system is completely manual and very difficult to mange full details of the car, Operator, requested service, Pickup time etc.
The Client wants to display/advertize his business on electronic display boards/ bigger screens, so that he wants to go into market with different Medias. More over the client wants to display his customers adds into his website..

  • Designed & developed an online application which can assist the client to store his daily activities. Different user access level has been provided for data security.
  • With Supervisor Role Can Find The daily statistics, With Manager Role, he can monitor Weekly Monthly, Yearly, and Financial Year Statistics.
  • Admin Control Panel as Well provided, so that the client can play with the information on a fly.
  • Enhanced look & feel
  • No manual work, different access levels for accessing the application
  • Resource sharing across global locations.
Technologies 3.5, ADO.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML
Programming languages  C#
Database Sql Server 2005


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