Insurance Claim Handling System


The goal of the system is to speed the production, and increase the accuracy of report which documents insurance claim handling.


It provides Bordereaux reports to their customers, insurance brokers, on a monthly basis. These reports and the reconciliation report at the end of a contract are the primary means by which the broker holds the TPA accountable for good claims processing.

While client’s main customers are brokers, client spends a lot of time servicing “Cover holders”. These are the companies that place insurance business with producing agents in the U.S. Then, these producing agents provide insurance (of various Coverage Types) through a policy to transportation companies and individuals, which is where a claim originates.

Benefits and features:
  • It increases the accuracy of reports.
  • It speeds up the production.
Technologies VS.NET 2005 and My Generation.
Programming languages  C# And Asp.Net.
Project management tools SVN Tortoise.
Duration 18 Months


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