Infertility Clinics & Maternity Hospitals Software


With the increasing operational development and old methods not holding good any more, there was a demand for a uniform solution with uniform management features. Many leading doctors and other clinical specialists belonging to different demographics needed a solution that could be effective and has ease of use, even to regular patients.

  • Requested a web based solution to help for Patient Registration, other related details entry to be performed with ease
  • Doctors needed a service that helps Patients to log in themselves and check their personal visit details
  • A separate Patient Tracking System was needed to track the check in times of patients
  • Exclusive Patient Registry System wherein the patient can register himself and check the Availability of Specialist Doctors
  • A need for proper entry of Pregnancy data which was primary for Fertility Clinics
  • Doctors needed a system to exclusively enter the details of Patients Regular History, Previous IVF Details and other habits especially their previous pregnancy status
  • Maintenance of Blood Reports and separate process to deliver Letters to other Doctors in case of Referrals or for Blood tests or Hormonal test specifications
  • An effective Pregnancy Category & Pregnancy Progress structure was needed to feed the status of pregnancy especially status should indicate single or twins or should handle multiple conditions, problems and more
  • Needed a system to plot charts for all Blood reports data obtained
  • A wide chapter on Prescription Details entry also requested to discuss and implement various options of treatment details
  • A final Payment Details entry required to update doctor fees, requirement for Daily income report and other patient related care taker details entry requested.
  • Finally a highly Secured Solution that ensures Perfect Automation requested

After deep Analysis of Specifications, a detailed System Requirement Specification was designed and a detailed, Integrated Comprehensive Solution developed. This particular software solution is an effective system to efficiently track the entire fertility and infertility conditions of patients and can be deployed in-house over the intranet or internet. It has been so well designed and has been aptly called a Valuable Asset by many using it. It helps track all the services, patient doctor appointments, Fertility test levels, pregnancy cycles reports and all billing operations performed with total perfection.

An automated well fit to do Solution exclusively designed for Infertility Clinics & Maternity Hospitals has the following Specifications:
  • A highly Efficient Admin System to control all operations and Patient Registration functionalities designed
  • A separate Patient Management Schedule to manage all details Like Choosing Doctor Availability and other features by the Patients themselves
  • A well generated Patient Tracking System to check in the patient check in details was established in the new system developed
  • A Strict solution designed to enter Patient Regular History and IVF Details Provisioned
  • Doctors were enabled to get Blood Report Details with ease through particular functionalities
  • The system provides in a new way all Blood reports data in the form of charts in a colored manner
  • A separate schedule for Pregnancy Category and Pregnancy Cycles maintenance has been developed
  • As per the requirement Prescription Details entry provided that can be maintained with numerous options with perfection
  • Finally the need for Payment Details info and Care Taker Details maintenance enabled
  • A secured Patient Progress Status and Other Reports generated from time to time based on the need for weekly or monthly or annually
  • Improves the overall hospital performance
  • Excellent scalability to meet the requirements of increasing patients handlingsts
  • Ideal data protection functions to best prove the functionalities
  • Increased Patient Response due to Ease of Connectivity
  • Early Doctor Appointments Achieved
  • Quicker Handling of Patients data especially Blood Reports and other Hormonal Tests Reports displayed quickly
  • Less Operator Costs for regular maintenance
  • Cheap and most useful to improve overall Patient Handling
  • Perfect Automation proved Patient Convenience and better report maintenance

Overall the Solution is less expensive, easier and faster to even distribute medical records and provides secured environment for Healthcare Maintenance. Many Doctors and Infertility Clinics & Maternity hospitals are using the Solution and found it highly responsive with perfect automation. All the sources using the solution have expressed their extreme satisfaction as the solution proved to be giving good results as it covers every aspect of the requirements posed.

Technologies Visual Studio 2008
Programming Languages C#.NET, ASP.NET, LINQ, Ajax, JavaScript, XML, ADO.Net
Database SQL SERVER 2008
Duration 6 Months


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