IEasy (web based accounting system)


iEasy is a web based accounting system which serves users to maintain their Clients, Invoices, Payments, Bank transactions, Credit Card transactions, Employees information, Employees payroll.

Description and Features:
  • iEasy makes easy for users to create new invoices against clients.
  • It has features like deep copying a invoice, pdf generation of invoice, Mailing invoices to Clients,Recurring Invoices.
  • iEasy also provides users to create login credentials to their Clients and Employees.
  • Clients can login iEasy and review their invoices and make payments.
  • Employees can login iEasy and review their pay slips.
  • iEasy also has feature to generate reports for Invoice details, Payments Collected, Tax Summary, Profit and Loss and Revenue by Client.
  • User can upgrade his package at anytime.
Technologies Ruby on rails (ruby(1.8.7),rails(2.3.8))
Database MySQL
Server Mongrel
Scripting Languages Javascript,JQuery


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