Healthcare Web Application


Its objective is to develop this application to facilitate the physicians, patients and their support professionals to eliminate the manual process going regularly in hospitals & save the time and efforts of the hospital management.


A web application which facilitate the physicians and their supporting professionals with an integrated suite of business tools which save time and effort, improves profitability and customer satisfaction. Physicians can save several hours each week with the help of the e-Simplicity services. They can also eliminate manual processes and non-value added time.

Moreover, a comprehensive electronic audit trail aids the physician community in compliance and defense of claims. It also offers a suite of Internet and mobile business services which provides information and communication to the Physician Office and Physician community. It is based on SQL server to store details of patients and treatments, and the information related to physicians.

  • It reduces manual transactions and increases the efficiency of the store.
  • It keeps track on each and every order which comes to the store.
Technologies Microsoft Technologies
Hardware and interfaces Windows 2000
Programming languages C#.Net,, sqlserver,XML
Duration 12 Months


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