Education and Training


It is an R&D project. Its objective is to design the characteristics of two-dimensional filters of different types and of different orders. This project finds its importance in areas such as digital image processing, and remote sensing.


To evaluate a multi-dimensional function or signal, the function must be resolved into single dimensional functions. The function must be solved using traditional techniques. The stability for multi dimensional signals is not guaranteed. This problem can be solved by the application of modern techniques such as "Theory of Inners".

Benefits and features:
  • Better understanding of the stability of the filters of higher orders. Usage in the field of Image Processing to manipulate the images and perform Erosion and Dilation.
  • Helps to analyze the Images obtained from the satellite stations and to predict the estimation of the reserves located in remote areas.
  • Helps in analyzing the Images tracked from RADARS.
Technologies LIPS 1.0, VS 2003
Programming languages  MATLAB 6.1, C#.NET
Duration 8 months


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