Document Communication Management


The main objective of this project to provide a base Document Communication Management system that will be further developed into vertical market solutions including 3 Phases with 3rd party controls integration, Mobile Integration as a product based Cloud Computing SAAS Solution.

This system is to maintain complete documents information of an organization. It provides functionality the versioning of each and every document stored in the SharePoint Documents Library/Lists with all the Meta data information. All the types of documents (i.e., images,MS Word, Adobe Pdf, Videos etc..) will be stored. Documents can be viewed or modified or upload based on the user profiles of SharePoint Active Directory irrespective of provided Privileges.

Integration of Atalasoft(3rd Party) Controls is for pure Scanning Solutions where the End user can able to scan the Document/Documents directly to the SharePoint Document Library/Lists within the web application accessing with the Client Machine Connected Scanner.

Telerik RAD Controls(3rd party) was integrated for the SharePoint Branding with Rich Look & Feel of the Site and used lots of default Functionalities available from Telerik. Telerik RAD Tree View, Custom Top Navigation and all the controls was replaced with Telerik Controls on the Entire Site.

Used SharePoint OOTB Microsoft Word WebApps for viewing the Document within the Browser and also can able to modify as well. Atalasoft was also used to Annotate, Crop, Sizing etc.. For the documents in the system.


The two tier Client-Server architecture is developed. The server side application will be holding the database consisting of all Documents details of an organization. Its basic functionality is to render Meta data for the requests made by the End User. The client side application will be holding the Documents design.

  • End to End Document management system and was great expensive solution with Lots Cost/time saving purpose.
  • Only authorized users should be able to access the system.
  • This ensures a great deal of security to the system and Documents management with Versioning.
  • This ensure a great deal of security to the system and Documents except Power User (administrator) should not be able to change the permission Levels of the respective user.
Technologies Microsoft SharePoint 2010
Programming languages & Web Technologies ASP.Net 1.x-4.0, C#.Net,JavaScript, JQuerry, HTML, DHTML and XML, XSLT
Database SQL Server 2008
Duration 1 year


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