Colliborate (online business tool)


Colliborate is an online tool that allows you to manage your business from anywhere. Create schedules easily, notify employees with one click and track hours worked using the clock-in/clock-out system.


Whether you have one or multiple offices, this system will allow you to manage your operations with ease. Coordinates your duties and access all information in one place. Keep your employees focused on your goals and business success

Maintaining employee's contact information, hours of availability, pay information, clock-in/out and assessment can be a daunting task. Colliborate will allow you to effectively manage all this and more in one location.

No more Excel sheets to keep track of hours of availability and no more monthly subscription fees. Colliborate will allow you to quickly and accurately create employee schedules. How about not having to call employees to give them their schedule!

Centralize clock-in and clock-out functionality and avoid monthly fees. Show employees their time card, or disable the feature all together. You will have the ability to run various reports to view and provide accountant with pertinent information to create checks.

Give your employees information that is pertinent to your operations instead of posting printouts everywhere. Share information, tips, tricks with your employees in one or more offices online. You can also run reports to see who's posting information and who's reading your posts.

Description and Features:
  • Handles all the anonymous users.
  • Fast and effective Performance with Rich Look & Feel.
  • Advanced scripting and Styling.
  • Manage Entity, Track Employees, Create Schedule, Time Clock and Share Information.
Programming Language PHP
Database MySQL
Duration 1 year


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