Cention - Medical Inventory Control Software (MICS)


Cention’s Medical Inventory Control Software (MICS) has been designed to deliver accurate Physical Inventory (PI) results and perform powerful search functions for healthcare facilities without disrupting patient care. We provide a comprehensive package to our clients that give the tools, support and training necessary to obtain the quick and accurate results needed to minimize inventory costs. Results can be viewed through Cention’s highly developed web-enabled Dashboards. Through this process Clinicians can maintain a sterile environment and focus on their primary goal of patient care.


Using this application user can download the trail or Full version of Cention Desktop application. The actual Cention is developed in MS Excel. Extending the functionality to provide Dashboard.

Description and Features:
  • Handles all the known/ unknown users.
  • Provides information including MAP API.
  • Fast and effective Performance with Rich Look & Feel.
  • Advanced scripting and Styling.
  • Extensive software training & guidance, 24/7 customer support.
  • Results in 5 business days after PI is completed
  • Support of a 1.2 million line medical product database ensuring a higher match rate and quicker completion time
  • Decrease in inventory management related labor costs
  • Professional data sheet development
  • Higher integrity of physical inventory
  • Increased accuracy & efficiency
  • Decreased clinician and patient disruption
  • Increased patient privacy
  • Increased clinician satisfaction
  • Greater security
  • Cleaner data
  • Decreased liability
Technologies Visual studio 2010
Programming languages  VB.NET,ASP.NET
Databases SQL SERVER 2008
Others JavaScripts, Ajax, MS Excel
Duration 3 Months


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