Bill Site-according to MT'S and QA's


The objective is to bill their clients according to MT’S and QA’s there will be different rules for MT’S and QA’S. MT’S will be billed for 65 characters per line and QA’S for total lines in the file.


Billing site is developed to bill their clients according to their category, if they are MT’S the billing will be only 65 characters per line and if they are QA’S billing will be total lines in the file. File will be uploaded in to ftp server to calculate the line count per file and character count per line.

And there we will undergo different users and we need to consider the billing done by a particular user and we need to calculate the counts if it is doctor then the billing will be different and if it is Master admin then billing will be different.

Cron program will run at a particular time to update the billing for each user in the billing site.

  • Doctors can check the bill amount when ever they need. In their interface.
  • It will be easy to calculate the character count per line or lines in the file for MT’S and QA’S.
  • A mail will be sent at the end of the month with all the billing details to Doctors. 
Technologies PERL, Linux, Shell scripting, MySQl
Web/Application Servers Apache
Duration 3 months


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