BBJ Linen - Rental and Sales portal


The BBJ Linen is not a simple website but a highly interactive site, giving users the options to choose from variety of design options, allowing them to create their own custom event.The Rental and Sales portal will be designed so it will not only be an online product catalog and event photo library (which requires huge DB of photos and used by competitors), but a fully-functioning 3D real time system, connected to back office inventory warehouse. It will also incorporate online rental order placement.

The site will be connected to a product management and tracking system that could be developed along with the current project (separate proposition based on future requirement submission will be delivered).

  • Expanded Functionality Product Catalog
  • E- Shop
  • User Management Module
  • Picture Gallery Management
  • Search Module 
  • Design Center
  • Website CMS
  • Order Management 
  • Feedback Management
  • Enquiry Management 
Technologies ASP.NET, SQL Server, and JavaScript
Programming languages  C#.Net
Databases SQL Server


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