Axiom Memory Solutions - Providing Memory and Storage Products Solutions


Axiom Memory Solutions has quickly become a leader in providing memory and storage products to the world's largest resellers, distributors and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer).It cost less than the OEM. Not only is it much more affordable, it is backed by a 100% compatibility guarantee, a lifetime warranty, free technical support and an on-site assistance program much like those offered by the OEMs themselves.

As a customer we have the option to choose a solution that best fits our needs. Our options should not be limited paying a higher price for like or similar product. The truth is most OEMs use third-party memory Manufacturers to build their product anyway. Thus the difference in quality does not exist when our dealing with a reputable third party Manufacturer.


Axiom has made reliability the cornerstone of its product strategy. It is this reliability that contributes to a high degree of trust between Axiom and our customers. Axiom is dedicated to exceeding the industry standard when it comes to detail, quality and consistency. Offering perhaps the broadest line of upgrade products in technology, Axiom Manufactures and distributes a large line of proprietary and industry standard solutions.

  • Axiom Memory Solutions is fueled by a corporate-wide passion for high performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Led by an innovative and detail-orientated management team.
  • Axiom is committed to the growth, productivity and satisfaction of its most important asset, are Resellers, Distributors & OEMs.
  • Axioms should maintain a good relation with resellers, distributors and OEMs
  • Axioms provide 100% compatibility guarantee, a lifetime warranty,free technical support and an on-site assistance program.
Technologies ASP.NET, XML, HTML, JavaScript.
Programming languages  VB.NET
Databases SQL Server 2005
Duration 14 Months


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