Admin Site(status of the campaign)


Admin site is developed to tract the status of the campaign and servers assigned for each campaign and deliverables of the campaign. And also we can change the status of the campaigns like stopping the campaign e.t.c.


Site is developed to monitor the status of servers, deliverables and campaigns. We can directly change the status of the campaign in the site directly with out opening the campaign interface. Adding servers to the campaign and removing the servers for a particular campaign can be done using the site; we can monitor multiple campaigns at a time.

It is easy to monitor the multiple campaigns and status of campaigns with out opening the multiple interfaces.

  • We can use the servers efficiently with out any wastage of servers.
  • We can monitor multiple campaigns on a single window.
  • We can directly assign servers to a campaign or remove using the site with out going to campaign interface.
Technologies PERL, Linux, Shell scripting, MySQL, HTML
Web/Application Servers Apache
Duration 4 months


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