Business Prediction Model Building

Business Prediction Model building

The regular knowledge discovery from databases analytics involves passive predictive analytics and it is reactive analytics. This can help only to provide you with insight on what went right or wrong in the past. Based on outcome the business can take reactive or corrective actions.

The big data scenario provides an opportunity to model the business outcomes with the massive amount of data available to predict the outcome of future event. The model which is created by training with the existing data can help in predicting the business outcome of any future event. This is evolutionary process and the accuracy of the model keeps improving with more learning from the data being fed to the model.

The Business prediction model building service offering can help your business by creating statistical/machine learning models to accurately predict the business trends or actions to be taken. This involves creating data models acquired from various sources and creating a statistical model which can be used to predict the outcomes of future events with utmost accuracy. This model is evolutionary and we will closely work with your business to evolve the model until it gives results with accepted accuracy levels.

The offering can be tailored to your existing big data setup or predictive analytics infrastructure.

  • Predictive analytics on Hadoop (on Gen1 and Gen 2 using Mahout or R)
  • Predictive Analytics on Spark environment (SparKML or SparkR)
  • Azure cloud environment (AzureML)