Big Data Services on Cloud

Services on Cloud

The lead time to implement the big data technologies for business has to be very short with quick go-to market capabilities. Though, big data can leverage commodity hardware for execution, getting the required set up and then maintain the infrastructure is quite a task and can lead to losing the business advantage of not being on big data map on time.

To help your business quickly get on to big data map, we offer the big data services on cloud.

We, at CATT Ltd provide data convergence services to perform the following operations:

To reduce the ownership and life cycle cost in implementing big data solutions, we offer the big data services on cloud. We tie up with other IaaS and PaaS cloud service providers to get the infrastructure and platform setup on cloud for usage basis pricing and setup the big data services to your organization.

This offering can be either implemented with private or hybrid cloud mechanism so that the information security is not a big worry for your business. The cloud big data services can help you to quickly get on to the big data transformation mode. Our presence of this market has been notable and the standard implementation processes in cloud can leverage the implementation of big data services to your business is short period of time.