Big Data

Big Data Overview 

The business organizations are turning towards big data to get insights into business and operational environment and to draft appropriate strategy to proactively chase the business benefits. This leads to improving top and bottom lines of their finances, increasing the market share, creating proactive offerings etc. This way big data is helping the organizations to be ahead of the competition.

Our passion is to provide cutting edge big data solutions to our partner clients to help transformation of their business with swift go-to market capabilities. Our proven expertise in big data services has already given much needed impetus to several of our partner clients in achieving their strategic goals in the highly volatile business environment.

Taking the Volume, velocity, variety and veracity of the big data in to consideration, the service offerings and solution methodologies has been leveraged to several of our clients. CAT’s big data solution implementation framework is time tested and has drawn great business benefits to clients. Our engagement model has helped optimizing the costs in implementing such organizational transformations successfully.

In CATT Ltd we work on HDFS file system which is hadoop distributed file system. The file system takes care of data reliability and fast access of data. The reliability comes from replication of data in different commodity hardware’s. And also we have experts who have in-depth knowledge on Map Reduce Framework to process the data in faster and reliable way.

Both Mapper and Reducer works on (key, Value) pairs. Mapper runs on each input split and Reducer works on the output of all Mappers. As each mapper is running the logic on only one input split, the data processing is distributed across different data nodes and hence it is faster. Reducer just does shuffle and sort the data from each mapper (called as intermediate data) and does reducer logic on much smaller data. Hence overall processing of MapR is much faster and reliable. The MapReduce is designed with Resource Manager and Data Manager in Hadoop 2.0 framework. The MapR framework is implemented in Java.

Partnering with CATT Ltd can derive several benefits to your business. Our competitive pricing, deep expertise, highly skilled development team in big data services offering can help your business transformation.


Our main focus is to provide Big Data solutions enabled with deep business domain expertise to reach the business needs. And also in our company the advertising media analytics have been integrated and developed on Big Data platform. Our framework for analysis is longitudinal method and references data variables are over long periods of time.