• Furniture 3D Render HD

    High quality Dental Cabinets, Dental Islands, and other types of Furniture 3D Designs.

  • 3D Aeronautical Engineering

    Here is the 3D Demo of APU(Auxiliary Power Unit) of an aircraft and a Helicopter Engine (T700-GE-701C). Done Blender 3D for and interactive 3d App.


    In the technical vocabulary of medicine, a stent is a mesh 'tube' inserted into a natural passage/conduit in the body to prevent, or counteract, a disease-induced, localized flow constriction. The term may also refer to a tube used to temporarily hold such a natural conduit open to allow access for surgery.

  • 3D Operation Room

    3d operation theater sample video for cardiac catheterization procedure . This video is Copyrighted.

  • Architectural Residential Villa

    Sample video render of residential villa.

  • Air Shooter Game

    Destroyer package is a complete 3d jet plane shooter game project for Unity3d, supports android/ios and PC versions. This package is designed to aim for new Unity3d learners.